Friday, December 31, 2004

You're Kidding, Right? No? Well...good luck with that!

I'm standing in the middle of downtown Oklahoma City, at midnight screaming "Happy New Year!!" at the top of my lungs and I look over to see a girl trying to talk on her cell phone and she's looking annoyed that she can't hear or be heard on her phone. I thought for a moment that she was going to say "Would you PLEASE keep it down, I'm on the phone!!!" to all 20,000 + of us people. Yeah, well sweetie, good luck with that. And a Happy New Year to you too!

Thursday, December 30, 2004

White Women Can't Dance

I should qualify the title to this entry. Single young white childless women CAN dance. Older, married w/children Hispanic women, African American older women w/children - and I have older Arab women married w/children in my family that can dance their asses off!!!

Something happened when I got married - a piece of my dance gene jumped out of the double helix. I could dance, sort-of, but only to country music - the "two step". Country music is okay, but it's not my preferred genre. But hey, I'll take what I can get.

By the time I had kids, all traces of the dance gene were gone. And it happens to other white women too. We all look like the Elaine character from "Seinfeld". If you think I'm kidding put on your favorite dance music and go for it - in front of your children. Are you doing it? look at the horrified looks on your kids' faces. You think you're bustin' a move...they are thinking about bustin' out and joining the circus where normal people live!

Now that my daughters are grown and I can no longer hold financial security over their heads they've been quite open in regards to my "butt dance" (as my youngest has named my style). My son was quick to defend me "I like it when you dance Mommy!!!"...yeah, he's four and smart. If he keeps it up I'll pay for college and his first house! And he knows it.

So I have this dilemma. Dance or not? I'm thinking dance! Dance everywhere! Sing too if the mood strikes me. Thank God for that someone who invented kareoke!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

The Week In Between

I charish this week in between the two big holidays. Peaceful and everything is on sale. Time to vacation at home. No alarm clock, no watch to wear. Dinner could be pizza or Moroccan Tajine, or just a tuna salad sandwich.

Its the most wonderful time of the year.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Defying Gravity - Prill Boyle's Book
There are moments of "Ooohhh, that's why I was there when I was!!!" I was out driving around during my lunch hour. I had forgotten to bring a lunch (or lunch money that day), so normally I would not have left the office. I might have surfed the web, or played UNO with co-workers, but not drive around town with no direction. But I had to get out of the office - clear all the daily grind stuff out of my head.

I turned the radio on and tuned to my NPR station ( I was listening to Brain Brew and Prill Boyle was talking about her book "Defying Gravity." Interesting I thought. When I got back to the office I called Full Circle Bookstore (The most civilized place on earth!!! and ordered her book.

It came in on Friday. I'm about half-way through with this anecdotal book about blooming at mid-life. It's hard for me to admit that I am at mid-life - SHIT - I am at mid-life!!! Anyway, I love this book. Each woman's story is compelling and inspirational.

I surfed over to Prill Boyles website tonight. Her Resources section is short, sweet and to the point. Some resources are serious, some sassy, some pretty damned funny - just like us mid-life women!!!

So, I wrote her a fan email. Me, writing a fan email! I'll let you know if she writes me back.

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Are you Serious?

I'm 43 years old. I thought I was past the point of engaging in teenage-esque conversation. I was wrong.

I've been doing a lot of business travel lately. I hate it. Its waking up at work - which really, really sucks. For some dining out it can be pretty lonely. Not so for me. I make sure I have a good book, or at least some fun mind-candy, and use the time to relax. From time to time you find a dinner buddy. Most buddies are not too memorable. Nice enough, but you don't seek them out when you get back to the hotel (or wherever it was you met to begin with) when your work day is done.

On this particular night I had a dining buddy. She was a talker. I'm a talker - she made me look like a mute! She went on and on about things I'm certain I had no business hearing. It's been ages since she last had sex - nice. She was a doctor - working in nutritional research - cool. She had a couple of relatives that were religious fanatics - traveling the country ina motor home, witnessing for Jesus by miming the gospel. She called them the religious miming side of her family - interesting.

But that's not what got her memorialized in my Moleskine. It was in what she said while recounting a wedding reception (or funeral or family reunion - I'm not sure because at that point my mind had left the room and I was doing laundry somewhere else in my mind) she used the ultimate in sophomoric phrases - "...and you know, he just thought he was hot shit in a champagne glass, but he was nothing but doo doo diarrhea in a Dixie Cup."

Are you serious? What am I suppose to do with that? Write it down, I guess.

Friday, December 10, 2004

Its All in the Details

It isn't adversity that derails our dreams. It is the daily delusion of "the pursuit of security" that deduces us away from the path of creative expression, in all its forms; imprisoning us with insideous mind numbing delusions of daily responsiblities.

This evil energy comes in the form of "To-Do Lists", television, corporations' "Benefits" plans, getting the lawn mowed and doing the dishes when you don't want to. The house, the car, the dog and picket fence have the potential to be obsticles on the road to authentic self discovery.

Discover who you are - your athentic self can not be heard over the T.V., radio or CD player. It is too subtle, too complex and too valuable to waste its energy competing with worthless activities. It cares not for entertainment - It is content in itself and therefore, is never bored.

Turn off the noise. Turn your attention to your authentic self.