Saturday, December 11, 2004

Are you Serious?

I'm 43 years old. I thought I was past the point of engaging in teenage-esque conversation. I was wrong.

I've been doing a lot of business travel lately. I hate it. Its waking up at work - which really, really sucks. For some dining out it can be pretty lonely. Not so for me. I make sure I have a good book, or at least some fun mind-candy, and use the time to relax. From time to time you find a dinner buddy. Most buddies are not too memorable. Nice enough, but you don't seek them out when you get back to the hotel (or wherever it was you met to begin with) when your work day is done.

On this particular night I had a dining buddy. She was a talker. I'm a talker - she made me look like a mute! She went on and on about things I'm certain I had no business hearing. It's been ages since she last had sex - nice. She was a doctor - working in nutritional research - cool. She had a couple of relatives that were religious fanatics - traveling the country ina motor home, witnessing for Jesus by miming the gospel. She called them the religious miming side of her family - interesting.

But that's not what got her memorialized in my Moleskine. It was in what she said while recounting a wedding reception (or funeral or family reunion - I'm not sure because at that point my mind had left the room and I was doing laundry somewhere else in my mind) she used the ultimate in sophomoric phrases - "...and you know, he just thought he was hot shit in a champagne glass, but he was nothing but doo doo diarrhea in a Dixie Cup."

Are you serious? What am I suppose to do with that? Write it down, I guess.


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