Friday, December 10, 2004

Its All in the Details

It isn't adversity that derails our dreams. It is the daily delusion of "the pursuit of security" that deduces us away from the path of creative expression, in all its forms; imprisoning us with insideous mind numbing delusions of daily responsiblities.

This evil energy comes in the form of "To-Do Lists", television, corporations' "Benefits" plans, getting the lawn mowed and doing the dishes when you don't want to. The house, the car, the dog and picket fence have the potential to be obsticles on the road to authentic self discovery.

Discover who you are - your athentic self can not be heard over the T.V., radio or CD player. It is too subtle, too complex and too valuable to waste its energy competing with worthless activities. It cares not for entertainment - It is content in itself and therefore, is never bored.

Turn off the noise. Turn your attention to your authentic self.


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