Thursday, December 30, 2004

White Women Can't Dance

I should qualify the title to this entry. Single young white childless women CAN dance. Older, married w/children Hispanic women, African American older women w/children - and I have older Arab women married w/children in my family that can dance their asses off!!!

Something happened when I got married - a piece of my dance gene jumped out of the double helix. I could dance, sort-of, but only to country music - the "two step". Country music is okay, but it's not my preferred genre. But hey, I'll take what I can get.

By the time I had kids, all traces of the dance gene were gone. And it happens to other white women too. We all look like the Elaine character from "Seinfeld". If you think I'm kidding put on your favorite dance music and go for it - in front of your children. Are you doing it? look at the horrified looks on your kids' faces. You think you're bustin' a move...they are thinking about bustin' out and joining the circus where normal people live!

Now that my daughters are grown and I can no longer hold financial security over their heads they've been quite open in regards to my "butt dance" (as my youngest has named my style). My son was quick to defend me "I like it when you dance Mommy!!!"...yeah, he's four and smart. If he keeps it up I'll pay for college and his first house! And he knows it.

So I have this dilemma. Dance or not? I'm thinking dance! Dance everywhere! Sing too if the mood strikes me. Thank God for that someone who invented kareoke!!


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