Friday, January 14, 2005

Draw Outside the Lines - From Now On!

I spent this afternoon visiting a preschool/daycare center. I've been blessed with a wonderful licensed home-daycare in my neighborhood for several years. But she has to close. I was sad. But became so much sadder when I started the search for a new place for my son.

The place was clean, safe, stocked with plenty of interesting toys and activities. I listened to the teacher, learned about her qualifications and was feeling comfortable with this possible option. Mrs. S, the preschool teacher was telling me about the "art center" and showing me these almost perfect crayon masterpieces displayed on the wall. They were symmetrical. And cold. Mrs. S proudly told me about how the kids use stencils, taped down on the paper/table so they can color in the "...negative space, so they can stay inside the likes."

What? WHAT!!!??? They're 4 years old!!!! Why do they have to stay in the lines? Its ART!!! A personal interpretation of the world around us. What is the matter with going outside the lines? No, really - why the need to smother our children's creative thinking at 4 years old?!!!!

Wow! It all starts in preschool art class. And its so insidious, don't you think? We're trained to do what we're told, don't talk back, don't question authority, don't think outside the box....don't color outside lines, don't think. don't consider that there might be more than one way to do things. I've got news for the world! There's always more than one way to do things, to live (ssshhhh, don't tell anyone).


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