Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Odd Way to Make a Philosophical Point...

Ah, a few quiet hours alone in the house. Husband and son off on their Saturday-Father-Son-Outing. Usually I can count on at least two hours to listen to the quiet (or get caught up on Huff via Showtime On Demand).

This last Saturday I was blog surfing when the phone rang. Caller ID told me it was at least one of my favorite men. Yep! It was Husband. "Hi Honey, are you busy?" (code for - can you drop everything you're doing, get in the car and meet me somewhere?) I ask him what he needs, "I bought some stuff at an estate sale and my car's out of room." Hmmm, odd. Didn't he take the SUV. I look out the window..yeah, he's got the insanely huge SUV. "Come see what I bought!" Oh, and he's excited.

I finish the blog I'd been reading and headed out. My directions were simple. Next to Hertz on N.W. Expressway, turn left and follow the Estate Sale signs. I get to the part of the Expressway (which, for those of you not familiar with OKC - I call it the N.W. Depressedway. How can you call a road with nearly 20 traffic lights in an 8.31 mile stretch an expressway?) where I need to get into the left lane. I signal for the lane change and the Bandaide & Brown colored pickup truck 5 car-lengths away speeds up!! What the fuck?! I'm trying to make the lane change and avoid Mr. B&B colored pickup - Success - I make the turn-lane just in time.

In time to realize as I'm turning into the wrong neighborhood. Shit - no Hertz. Oh well, I'll get myself turned around and back onto N.W. Depressedway. But there's no where to get turned around. I hate to use a private driveway for fear I'll scare the shit out of some little old lady or get her yappy dog all wound up. Too much guilt. No problem. I have a kick-ass sense of direction so I drive around to find a through street back. A left here, a right there and - YES - a culdesac (where I grew up we called them "Circles" - I lived on a circle - Osprey Circle in Las Vegas, NV! - apparently I'm into parenthetical statements tonight - ) where I can get turned back around. "Wow, that Mountaineer looks just like ours!" I may have said that out loud, too. And there's the tallest of my favorite men smoking a cigarette and haggling with the owner of a bunch of furniture we didn't need.

"How the hell did that happen!!!??!" I know I said that out loud.

And of course, it has to happen that way for me. I'm always trying to head in a direction I've carefully planned out but end up where I didn't think I should have been, and yet its right where I was suppose to be all along.


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