Friday, March 25, 2005

Did I Say That Out Loud?

I dance, even though I look pretty damned dorky doing it. I sing to the radio/CD player in the car at full voice. Occasionally I get a strange look or a knowing smile from fellow highway-mates (is that even a word? not yet; I'm just doing my part to expand the English language). And its not too unusual to find me talking to myself.

Ah, but last night...I got busted having a knock-down-drag-out argument with myself! I didn't know that I was not alone. How could I? I was ranting and raving - arguing two sides to a ridiculous argument - in full voice.

"Honey? Are you having a conversation with yourself?" my husband asks. "No! I'm having an argument!" Okay, honestly I was working through a possible scenario with an idiot co-worker. I'm sure I'll never have that argument with said moron, but it was so fun telling them off!!

Have I lost it completely? My mother used to say that it was okay to talk to yourself, "It's when you start answering yourself that you should be concerned."


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