Thursday, March 03, 2005

Having to be the Mean, Mean Mommy!

I've been lucky the last, almost, five years. My son's biggest infraction on the rules in our house is that he consistantly refuses to pick up his toys (until I tell him that I'm about to vacuum and they'll end up in the trash if he doesn't).

Last night was his first real, and for him, emotionally painful sense of what cause and effect is all about. He took his favorite blue die-cast car and dug it into the laminent finish on the coffee table. I'd been dreading the "you're in big trouble mister!" moment. And this was a biggie. And worst of all, he laughed at me (in between his "sorry, sorry, sorry") as I told him that. I was losing my street credibility with him.

I asked him what he had used to do this damage to our furniture and he produced one of the fastest Hot Wheels in his extensive collection. This is the one that is fast enough to make it all the way around the double loop on his track. He held it out for me to examine, and then I looked at him..."Throw it away." No exclamation, no raised voice.

His eyes registered what I was telling him to do, and reflected his understanding that this was the result of his behavior. I wanted to take it all back and let him keep his car, but I knew that would be more wrong than what he did. He slowly walked to the kitchen, lifted the lid to the trash can and dropped it inside.

Later on in the evening I saw him standing over the trash can. I was afraid he was going to reach into the can and take it back. I hate sneeky behavior. My stomach turned up and over my heart. And then his beautiful little hand waved to the condemned Hot Wheel, a soundless "Good Bye" crossed his lips. He closed the lid to the trash can, took a deep breath, turned and walked away.


Blogger Gift From Virgo said...

You sound like a wonderful mother. Your son is very fortunate. It's a tough job. All the best!

9:42 AM  
Anonymous Patrick Ng said...

How old is he? Mine is 2 months old, some day I'll be a mean dad too.

10:15 AM  
Blogger Vicky Hawthorne said...

He's almost 5 years old. Breath in every moment you have with him. They grown up amazingly fast! That's advice from a mom who has two already grown and out of the house! Now go hug your baby!!!

7:35 PM  

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