Tuesday, March 22, 2005

My Daughter Has a Great Pair of Balls!!

My oldest daughter lives in L.A. West Hollywood to be exact. She's a singer/songwriter and she kicks ass. On the day she becomes famous I'll post it here and you'll say..."oh Wow! She's your daughter?" And then you'll get to hear all about my Mommy-Dearest past.

But I digress. Balls yes, she has a formidable pair, apparently. Her apartment is teeny-tiny and just across the street from a car detail place where all the rappers (the famous and not so) get their cars all pimped out (her words; my only cultural reference for pimp is "Huggy Bear" on the T.V. series "Starsky and Hutch" - oh God I'm getting old). She's blessed with a great view of West Hollywood, but sound carries right up into her apartment. Most street sounds have become white noise for her - sirens, traffic; but not Rap and Hip Hop cranked up to heart pounding decibels.

On the day in question a rapper named Guerilla Black was playing his own music extra loud while the professionals were pimping out his car (I'm sorry, I have to giggle when I use that phrase). After 45 minutes my daughter had had enough.

Now, imagine a 5'1" redheaded, barefoot Oklahoma girl. Now click this link. "Mom, I marched right up to the guy - he was sitting down and I said 'Excuse Me!' and he stood up - I came to his knees - and then he said 'yeah darling' - he was soooo tall!! And then I figured I'd gone this far - what the hell - so I handed him one of my CD's from the live show at The Highland Grounds and said to him 'If I have to listen to your music for the last 45 minutes, the least you can do is listen to mine!' and then I marched right back to my apartment!"

After I quit laughing I checked out his website. He's signed on Virgin Records. I'm not a rap/hip hop listener for the most part. A good deal of the time the rhythms are so similar that it all kinda runs together for me. But I realize that the message is the key, so I try to keep an open mind. I listened to the samples on G. Black's website. Nice, very nice. Romantic, heartfelt and real. The rhythms and melodies still kinda run together, but the timber of his voice and the romance in his lyrics are a nice change of pace.

So, Mr. Charles Tony Williamson (his website states that this is his government name - and mom's reserve the right to use all names when making a point) if that little redhead crosses your path again give her a hug for me and tell her I love her!


Blogger Matthew said...

I think it would've been funny if he put the CD in his car right then and treated the entire neighborhood to her performance. :)

12:09 PM  
Blogger Vicky Hawthorne said...

Oh, that would have been perfect! I asked her if he listened to it, she said "Hey, he put it in his car. At least he didn't throw it away!"

5:49 PM  

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