Thursday, April 21, 2005

Good to Be Home...

I don't know how to quantify our vacation, just yet. It was such a bizarre combination of the pleasant and the not so pleasant. I have pages and pages of observations in my Moleskine notebook, but I'm having trouble transcribing it all onto this blog. I think I'll try to sum up the past week in the form of two lists.

The Pleasant List

  1. My son is the most awesome traveler ever! The crap that the kid had to put up with and he took it all in stride. What a trooper!!
  2. My daughter's show at The Highland Grounds on 4/16/05 was amazing! Oh my God, she's so fucking good!
  3. I got a free upgrade on my rental car.
  4. The PT Cruiser is fun to drive!
  5. I can drive all over LA without getting lost!
  6. Surprisingly, the traffic was pleasant (for LA).
  7. My son found a friend, his age, at the Salt Lake City airport while we were stuck there for 6 hours. He never once complained about the delay. And she was really cute!
  8. While we were away, my husband tiled the kitchen/dining room, laundry room and pantry. Its so beautiful! I wish you could see it. (One of these days I have to figure out how to do that - post pictures on this blog, not tile the kitchen)
  9. The "Delicious Fish" candy at the SLC airport!
  10. I saw Robert Forester at The Silver Spoon in Hollywood.
  11. Seeing my family.
  12. Appreciating how nice it is to be in OKC and looking forward to going home.
  13. Learning the parking meter trick.
The Not So Pleasant List

  1. The underwire to my bra snapped in the middle of the Salt Lake City/LAX flight; Impaling my left breast. I was forced to remove the offending device right there in the seat because the beverage cart blocked my path to the bathroom.
  2. You know the house guest/fish rule? After three days they both begin to stink. Well wrap me in yesterday's newspaper and call me mackrel! Six days is waaayyy too long to be staying in someone else's home. I need to send a "thank you" card and an "I'm sorry" card.
  3. We had equipment problems in Salt Lake City on our return flight. What was suppose to be a 45 minute layover turned out to be more like six hours. So we didn't get into OKC until after 1:00 a.m. on Monday night/Tuesday morning.
  4. I never could find a decent meal. We went to the Silver Spoon and my daughter's dinner plate came with a bright blue piece of already chewed up gum! It's soooo hard to find a decent restaurant - or at least one that can make a meal comperable to my cooking.
  5. My check card wouldn't work on the last two days I was in LA - even though I showed a pretty good sized balance.
  6. I didn't get to meet my daughter's new guy friend.
  7. I didn't get to take the kids to an amusement park because I had to spend money on crap I didn't want to spend money on.
  8. Three days into the trip, I was wishing I could go home.

Its so good to be home. I'm appreciating the Oklahoma sunsets, the free parking, comparatively no traffic at rush hour, lots and lots of open space, my dog (even though he's old - he's friendly) and everything else that makes home...home.


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