Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Today was the Longest 5 Years of My Life!!!!

I didn't think 4:30 p.m. was ever going to get here. However, time being what it is - here I am; at home - boarding passes already printed, a mound of laundry to get done so we don't go to L.A. naked awaits my getting off my ass to put it in the washer, and an open suit case rests on the end of my bed. Today is the last day my son has to mark an X through a day on the calender.

Tomorrow is Delicious Fish Day!!! Meaning, the fish candy at the Salt Lake City airport kiosk is absolutely delicious and every time we travel we look forward to changing planes in SLC. You've got to try them. If a 5 yr old boy can remember their deliciousness SEVEN MONTHS LATER then you've got to know their good.

The race to relax has begun. I'm loving the irony.


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