Monday, May 23, 2005

The Most Wonderful Summertime Toy...

The Slip-n-Slide! The kids in the neighborhood, along with my son had a most wonderful time sliding across that bright yellow piece of wet plastic.

Now there's a long slick of mud down the middle of my front yard. All of the boys have bright pink bellies! And my mind of full with memories of 5 year olds laughing.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Puke...It seperates the men from the boys...

At roughly 4:00 a.m. (ish) the boy crawled into my bed and told me his tummy hurt. "I think I just have to go poop." After doing his business he crawls back into my bed and snuggles in behind me. That's the most wonderful feeling when his arms wrap around me and he says, "I love you mom."

And while still in the glow of that touching sentiment he makes a strange sound. "Did you just puke?", and then the second unmistakable Blaughhaaa (what is the phonetic spelling for the sound of a 5 yr old puking?). "Yep, you puked."

I learned a major difference between girls and boys last night. When the girls got sick in the middle of the night it was my job to stand there and hold there hair out of their face. With a boy I stand there, but there's nothing to do. I just felt dumb and useless. (At 4:00 a.m. I am dumb and useless.)

But this is about my husband. The most amazing man on Earth! Not only did he get up and help our boy get his teeth brushed but he cleaned up all the places where puke didn't hit the target. And then he stripped the bed, and put it all in the wash (even asked what temp and setting on the washer). After I cleaned the mattress he went into the garage and got his big extention cord. At that point the boy was puking again. While I stood next to him, feeling dumb and useless, I wondered where the big extention cord fit in.

And then I heard my hair dryer. He dried the mattress for me! What a man!

Monday, May 09, 2005

Son's Day...

Sunday morning I woke up early. Before everyone else in the house was awake I enjoyed the quiet of the morning, answered email, read the paper and drank a good amount of coffee.

At around 9:00 a.m. my son appeared at my office door, rubbing his sleepy doe-like brown eyes, sporting nothing but his tighty-whities and a smile. "MOM!! ITS MOTHER'S DAY!" he suddenly shouts. "Oh my gosh! It is!" I reply with equal enthusiasm. And then he asks, "And you know what the next day is?" He's now climbing into my lap. "It's SON'S DAY!"

Really? "What's Son's Day, sweety?" Now his hands are fully animated with each syllable. "It's when the Boy Childs get to stay in bed!!!" His smile steals my heart. "Really! Well then, when is this Son's Day?" He gladly tells me, "Next Saturday!"

"Okay," I tell him, "you can stay in bed as long as you want next Saturday!" And he gives me the most wonderful hug around my neck. "Awesome! Can you make me breakfast now so I can go ride my bike?"

I had a very happy mother's day!

Friday, May 06, 2005

Mother's Day...

I'll have breakfast in bed and receive an appropriately lovely gift. I'll be honored for the love I so freely give. It is always an honor to love you all.

So, before you give me hugs and kisses, call me from far off places and stop by to say "Hi" I will tell you Thank You!

Thank you for your wisdom, your energy, your unconditional love. You all show me what it means to live life, rich and authentic.

My confidence comes from the lessons you've taught me. My heart is more open, my patience longer, my appreciation deeper because you have been my teachers.

If I am beautiful in your eyes it is because I am the reflection of your perfect love.


Thursday, May 05, 2005

Four languages...

My husband speaks four languages (three fluently). We seriously talked about going on "The Amazing Race" - between his gift of language and my excellent sense of direction we could get anywhere on Earth quite effectively - but then they started making their contestants eat gross stuff. That put a stop to the dream. He can puke on a dime (there's a graphic image, eh?).

Anyway...we were in Walmart (Man! I spend a lot of time there) looking for a shower head. The package text was in English and French. The English part was bent in on itself and I couldn't read the details. So I handed it to him. He went through the trouble of unbending the packaging and then handed it back to me. "Oh, I guess I could have translated it. Shit! The one time in 3 years I get to use French and I blow it!"

Ah well. C'est la Vi!

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

How to prepare a 5 yr old boy for vacation...

I have spent some time reading through the many observations I jotted down in the Moleskine during the vacation/adventure; I thought I'd share.

"Son, there's a couple of very important things we need to talk about before we leave. First, you must keep this note in the front pocket of your backpack." I read the just-in-case-we-get-seperated note and made sure he understood. He promised he would stick to me like glue! "And there's one more thing - You can't pick your nose and eat it at your Uncle Mike and Aunt Jane's house."

He agreed without an argument. My boy is growing up.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

From Before the Blog...

The following comes from just before I began blogging. Not long before my 43rd birthday I took my daughter's advice and purchased my first Moleskine. Its the best advice I have taken in quite some time...

I can still imagine
other worlds in the mirror.
On the other side of my reflection

I see a peace for me.
For everyone.
On the other side of my reflection

There are endless picnics and tea parties.
we all understand how precious our time is -

On the other side of my reflection

Sometimes I see the lines around my eyes -
but more often I see through
On the other side of my reflection