Thursday, May 05, 2005

Four languages...

My husband speaks four languages (three fluently). We seriously talked about going on "The Amazing Race" - between his gift of language and my excellent sense of direction we could get anywhere on Earth quite effectively - but then they started making their contestants eat gross stuff. That put a stop to the dream. He can puke on a dime (there's a graphic image, eh?).

Anyway...we were in Walmart (Man! I spend a lot of time there) looking for a shower head. The package text was in English and French. The English part was bent in on itself and I couldn't read the details. So I handed it to him. He went through the trouble of unbending the packaging and then handed it back to me. "Oh, I guess I could have translated it. Shit! The one time in 3 years I get to use French and I blow it!"

Ah well. C'est la Vi!


Blogger Logan C. Adams said...

Four languages, nice. I've been struggling for nearly 2 years now trying to learn Arabic. It hasn't gone easily.

8:26 PM  

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