Monday, June 27, 2005

End of an Era...

My son spent every night of his life sleeping in our bedroom. Half of his life we all spent many a night snuggling together. I don't believe its for everyone - its what worked for our family.

I knew the day would come when he would be ready to sleep in his own room. That day was Saturday.

I was helping him clean up his bedroom (he's always had his own room, he just chose not to sleep in it) and sort his laundry. Matter of fact-ly I asked, "When are you going to sleep in your own room?" He answered "Today." This didn't tear my heart out, or make me jump for joy. I knew, for him, it was time.

We chose the bed linens he wanted to have on his bed. Moved the night light into his room as well as the radio. He likes to go to sleep to classical music. He calls it Pretty Music. And when bedtime rolled around, I read him "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish", tucked him into his bed and gave him his customary hugs and kisses. My husband and I didn't sleep well that night - we kept one ear tuned to hear "Mommy....Daddy...." but our son never called for us. He slept like a baby (which is a very silly thing to say - because babies tend not to sleep all night long - at least mine didn't). And early Sunday morning he burst into our bedroom. "MOM! I did it!!!"

Later that day, while cleaning up after dinner I said, "You know what? Last night was the first time in your entire life that you slept in your own room." And the precocious little booger says to me..."Yeah, I was thinking I needed a change."


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