Monday, June 13, 2005


The season's layed back attitude - my only real desire involves lemonaide and my patio swing - makes it so hard when you find out you have to travel for work. Yuck!

Not that I mind going to Wichita, Kansas (Wow!, Rully - That's a special inside joke. Sorry for the interruption) for a day. Kansas is lovely and very, very flat. The soil looks like its great for growing stuff. (I don't garden, so I'm guessing here) I noticed the difference at the Oklahoma/Kansas stateline. Oklahoma-side = red clay, Kansas-side = that almost black stuff you see people on cable's DIY Network and HGTV ooh & aah over (just add perlite or vermiculite for proper drainage and you're set!). That must be where they make potting soil.

The drive is very nice. There's an old truck stop about 45 minutes out of OKC that has the most delicious cheeseburger. The lady behind the counter wears a huge black wig and her wispy greys peek out of the bottom. She's so kind and quick to talk to you while your burger is being made. I would have never found the place had I not consumed a glass of iced tea before I left the house. I had to pee so badly when I got off that exit. But I can't remember exactly where the place is so I may have to resort to the tea again.

Yeah, I'd like to be sitting on my back patio, swingin' on my swing - but I'm looking forward to seeing the southern end of my northern neighbor.


Blogger Logan C. Adams said...

Hey, call us flat all you want. Then take a trip to the flint hills. Once you stop screaming, you'll never mock our texture again.

Congrats on hitting 1,000.

8:39 AM  

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