Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Boys have a Penis, Girls have...

My son is a shower kinda guy these days. But that's not the blog-worthy point.

After he was all showered and towel-dried he hopped out and lifted the toilet seat about half way.

"What are you doing?", I asked while picking up underwear, socks, shorts and shirt from the bathroom floor - and then I realized - oh, he was taking a pee.

He says, in his five year old matter-of-fact tone, "Me and Dad like to pee like this sometimes. Do you?"

I replied, "No sweety, I can't do it like that because girls don't have a penis."

Then he shared his understanding of human biology. "Girls do to have a penis. Its just that your's is flat!"

Sunday, July 24, 2005

First Week on the Shuffle...

This is such a cool toy! It's tiny; weighing only an ounce and its very easy to use. I plug the thing into my USB 2.0 port and it charges while I'm dragging and dropping shows into it. And the girly girl in me loves how cute it is. I'd like to find something to carry it in, but for now I wrap the lanyard around the Shuffle and place it (along with the earbuds) in my reading glasses case - with my glasses and it all fits nice and neat!

So far, I've subscribed to 18 podcasts through iTunes. I'm looking into different podcasting options. There's so much stuff out on the net. Its a bit overwhelming. What's your favorite podcasting tool?

On a daily average I load it with 6 hours of podcasts to listen to at work. I haven't used it much for music, although I subscribe to several music centered podcasts. My absolute favorite so far is Accident Hash. He's Boston based and plays nothing but podsafe music on his show. And the people/bands he plays...they're good - and so is his production value. Check him out at www.accidenthash.com.

The Sound of Young America, www.splangy.com, is pretty decent. They're young and a little snotty (snooty? in a "I'm young, idealistic and haven't had to wait tables or wash dishes to feed my kids" sort of way) but they're bright, funny and have interesting guests on their show.

Slate Magazine podcasts too! www.slate.com And ABC Radio National's "The Science Show" http://www.abc.net.au/rn/science/ss/ out of Australia is an excellent listen.

Quality of life at work has improved 10 fold (should tell you how interesting my job is). The search for interesting podcasts is a fun adventure.

The hubby has been getting lots and lots of hugs and kisses!

Saturday, July 16, 2005

New Obsession...

Podcasts! Radio on demand! And my new iPod Shuffle! My husband is the coolest! Enough exclamation points yet?

I've been hearing about podcasts here and there - so I checked out iTunes, downloaded the software and WOW!, all kinds of "radio on demand" stuff. Talk shows on any subject imaginable. Some of it is so-so, some if it is pretty bad, and there's a great deal of good stuff. Everything from a mom & pop type program to a good handful of NPR stuff like Studio 360 and Science Friday. So of course I wanted an iPod. But the cost, another WOW! $99.94 for the Shuffle at Walmart. Sigh...if I put it on layaway, I might be able to get it......in 8 to 10 weeks.

And then my husband and son came in late this evening. My son said "Mom...we got something for ya." I asked, "Is it a remote control airplane?" My eyes were closed, but I could hear his smile. "No." I gave it another guess, "Is it a vacuum cleaner?" (hoping like crazy that it was indead NOT a vacuum cleaner. "No (giggle)...OPEN YOUR EYES!"

There it was, just an ounce in weight. Not much larger than a stick of gum. Its wonderful. My husband is wonderful (he was wonderful before he bought me the iPod) and its wonderful that he listens to me from time to time.

This is so cool.

Friday, July 08, 2005

More Random Thoughts...

How can we begin to hope for an end to poverty, political corruption, or teaching G.W. Bush to speak the English language when the hotdog people and the hotdog bun people can't come together on the 10 dogs vs. 8 buns per package issue?

It is my prediction that when the HD/HD Bun folks come together there will be peace on Earth, goodwill towards mankind and a cure for the common cold.

Until then...gotta go, the grill is ready!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Reminds Me of The Full Monty...

...without the full monty! Click this link!

I can't help but imagine what it must have looked like when these guys rehearsed this masterpiece!

If you don't, at least, smile - then you're dead.

This Sucks...

I learned about The Tube and bus bombings this morning while getting ready for work.

Neal, I hope like hell that you and all of your loved ones are safe from harm's way. And for those of you that don't know Neal, check out the Mr. Porkpop link over to the right. His drawings, doodlings and such are kick ass!

My daughter uses the L.A. Metro system pretty regularly. I'm so glad she called me this afternoon. (okay, that's a random thought, but its been a random thought kind of day)

Thinking About Stuff & Fireworks...

I'm reasonably new to blogging and I'd been pretty regular about posting; and then came summer.

There's no shortage of writing fodder -just a shortage of motivation to plop my ass in front of the computer to type it all out. Should anyone give a shit...and why should they; its summer for goodnesssake! Turn off the computer and go rub some sunshine on your face!

Here's some random thoughts and happenings:

Thoughts and Reminiscing:

1. The first concert I ever attended was a Chuck Mangione(www.chuckmangione.com) concert. It was in the Artumis Hamm (sp?) concert hall in LasVegas, NV. The sound system crapped out 16 bars into "Feels So Good"and without missing a beat the man continued to play his Fluglehorn to a level few achieve. As a budding musician I was enthralled with his absolute professionalism. I was young and inspired!

2. The last concert I attended was The Grateful Dead (www.dead.net). Like most of their concerts it was outdoors and many, many "Deadheads"were there too. A combination of way too many people and too much alcohol - I puked where I sat. Still wasted and not caring - I just moved over to the left a little and tried to pass out. In my drunken haze (I was going to say purple haze, but that's Jimmy Hendricks) I remember Ricky (friend and neighbor at the time) had returned from somewhere else and preceded to sit down. The handful of people behind me, knowing what I had done earlier, tried to stop Ricky from sitting in the pukey spot..."..oh, Oh, OH NO DON'T!...OOOHHhhh No...Oh well, we tried." Ricky was really wasted too, so he didn't care so much. I was young and stupid.


1. Growing up in Las Vegas, NV, the 4th of July was one of those holidays where you get the day off from school, there's special food (hot dogs on the grill, potato salad - my mom's recipe is the best, by the way) but none of the stress to buy presents or put up with family you don't really care to be around. And of course, fireworks. Fireworks you spend a ton of money on and are usually disappointed with their performance - if not mutilated by them.

One year my mother's coat was in the back seat, and someone's pop-bottle rocket went through the car window and caught the coat on fire. I'm sure she was thinking "How am I going to replace that coat." I was thinking, "What the hell were you doing, leaving your winter coat in the car during a typical Vegas 114F degree summer?"

The year after that my parents took me to Burkholder Jr. High's football field to watch a professional fireworks display. Holy shit! What a breath-taking experience! The explosions were loud and the display was huge. And the most amazing thing? It was FREE! I couldn't believe they weren't charging everyone at least $5.00 (American). And I still feel this way about fireworks displays. I go out of my way to catch every fireworks show I can get away with. Its so very Zen. Its black & stars, and then the sky is filled with light and color. And then it's black & stars again. My mind goes quiet. If I think - I'll miss the next one. And the grand finale? Oh My God! My mind is cleared of all extraneous data. You could push me off a bridge and I wouldn't notice. My eyes are opened as far as they can go, and I'm trying to catch every little detail. Its pure joy for me.

This year was no different. With the exeption of making an effort to watch the look on my son's face. Its pure joy for him, too.