Sunday, July 24, 2005

First Week on the Shuffle...

This is such a cool toy! It's tiny; weighing only an ounce and its very easy to use. I plug the thing into my USB 2.0 port and it charges while I'm dragging and dropping shows into it. And the girly girl in me loves how cute it is. I'd like to find something to carry it in, but for now I wrap the lanyard around the Shuffle and place it (along with the earbuds) in my reading glasses case - with my glasses and it all fits nice and neat!

So far, I've subscribed to 18 podcasts through iTunes. I'm looking into different podcasting options. There's so much stuff out on the net. Its a bit overwhelming. What's your favorite podcasting tool?

On a daily average I load it with 6 hours of podcasts to listen to at work. I haven't used it much for music, although I subscribe to several music centered podcasts. My absolute favorite so far is Accident Hash. He's Boston based and plays nothing but podsafe music on his show. And the people/bands he plays...they're good - and so is his production value. Check him out at

The Sound of Young America,, is pretty decent. They're young and a little snotty (snooty? in a "I'm young, idealistic and haven't had to wait tables or wash dishes to feed my kids" sort of way) but they're bright, funny and have interesting guests on their show.

Slate Magazine podcasts too! And ABC Radio National's "The Science Show" out of Australia is an excellent listen.

Quality of life at work has improved 10 fold (should tell you how interesting my job is). The search for interesting podcasts is a fun adventure.

The hubby has been getting lots and lots of hugs and kisses!


Blogger Logan C. Adams said...

Welcome to the iPodians.

7:18 PM  
Anonymous Jesse Thorn said...

Thanks for the plug... perhaps we're a bit snooty, but I certainly do have to wait tables (actually, work as a receptionist) to pay for, if not the kids, myself. -- Jesse Thorn, The Sound of Young America

11:59 PM  

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