Saturday, July 16, 2005

New Obsession...

Podcasts! Radio on demand! And my new iPod Shuffle! My husband is the coolest! Enough exclamation points yet?

I've been hearing about podcasts here and there - so I checked out iTunes, downloaded the software and WOW!, all kinds of "radio on demand" stuff. Talk shows on any subject imaginable. Some of it is so-so, some if it is pretty bad, and there's a great deal of good stuff. Everything from a mom & pop type program to a good handful of NPR stuff like Studio 360 and Science Friday. So of course I wanted an iPod. But the cost, another WOW! $99.94 for the Shuffle at Walmart. Sigh...if I put it on layaway, I might be able to get 8 to 10 weeks.

And then my husband and son came in late this evening. My son said "Mom...we got something for ya." I asked, "Is it a remote control airplane?" My eyes were closed, but I could hear his smile. "No." I gave it another guess, "Is it a vacuum cleaner?" (hoping like crazy that it was indead NOT a vacuum cleaner. "No (giggle)...OPEN YOUR EYES!"

There it was, just an ounce in weight. Not much larger than a stick of gum. Its wonderful. My husband is wonderful (he was wonderful before he bought me the iPod) and its wonderful that he listens to me from time to time.

This is so cool.


Blogger SafeTinspector said...

I'm jealous. I wish my husband would buy me an iPod.

7:57 AM  
Blogger Neal said...

Hey, enjoy it Vicky. And don't forget to tell us about any particularly good podcasts you find. I've had an ipod since last October, and it's without doubt my favourite gadget now - couldn't be without it. I've listened to a couple of podcasts but not really got into the whole podcasting thing yet.

12:42 AM  

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