Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The First Accessory...

It's been a few weeks since the Shuffle came into my life. I knew I would enjoy this toy, but now I want to listen on my 40 minute morning/afternoon commute. But ear buds and traffic do not mix. Enter the FM Transmitter. The first of many accessories to come, I'm sure.

Since the Shuffle is relatively new, 3rd party accessories are hard to come by. I looked for a sleek little case to carry the tiny iPod and it's ear buds. The closest thing I could come up with was a tampon holder. It all fit nicely inside, but lets face it - it was a tampon holder. So, for the time being - I continue to use my spare reading glasses case. The girly-girl in me likes that it all matches, but its not the solution I was hopping for.

Ah, but who cares when I can spend my traffic time with Jesse "America's sweetheart" Thorn on The Sound of Young America or the Tartan Podcast, thanks to the Belkin TrueCast? I thought about springing for the $33.96 model at Walmart, but went for the less expensive $19.96 model. My car stereo tuner sucks, so more money would have not made much of a difference. Anyway, if I slip the little transmitter in the hole where the cigarette lighter assembly used to be (yeah, I drive a P.O.S.) I get pretty damned good reception (which is much, much better than what I could pick up on our local NPR station).

Looking forward to the commute!


Blogger Neal said...

So glad you're enjoying your Shuffle, Vicky. When I tell people that my iPod has transformed the way I listen to music they give me this odd look, as if I've just said something totally ridiculous, before moving on to the next subject rapidly!

Unfortunately, the radio transmitters are illegal here in the UK: you're not allowed to transmit on a public radio band, even if you're only transmitting a couple of feet. We have to use one of those cassette adapters for CD walkmans. Works very well, but I'm now worried that when we change our car (soon, hopefully) we'll end up with a model with no cassette player, and THEN what will we do?!

8:06 AM  
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