Monday, August 15, 2005

Take a Meeting...

Oldest daughter...she's becoming "L.A." Her Oklahoma accent has faded to the flat, western U.S. - speaking only the intended amount of syllables - accent.

Some of her Oklahoma-ness remains. She still eats her french fries with Ranch dressing. (Everything tastes better with Ranch) And she prefers Dr. Pepper over any other type of coke. (coke=soda in these parts)

The sure sign that she's becoming a Californian? She "meets" with people. On Saturday she "...had a lunch meeting with Uncle Mikey."

In Oklahoma we "get-together." Next weekend I have a get-together with my board of directors. We don't take meetings. We meet...for a get-together.

The similarity?
Business gets done, and food/drink is consumed.

The main difference?
When you take a meeting - the food is made (and usually consumed) in a restaurant.
When you have a get-together everyone brings a dish of their favorite recipe. And sometimes there's a porch swing.


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