Monday, September 19, 2005

His First Season...

Saturday was the first soccer game of my 5 yr old son's life. He was spectacular! Dribbling the ball down the right-side of the field, ahead of the pack and moving quickly toward his team's goal...when the left shoe went flying into the middle of the field! The assistant coach was quick on the shoe-retreaval, placed the shoe back on my boy's left foot and got him back into the game. My son caught up to the rest of the players, snagged the ball and made it to the goal(but not in it)!!

I laughed for more than an hour - both at the antics on the field and the parents shreeking at their boys to "KICK THE BALL!!!!". The beauty of claiming to be an amateur filmmaker - moving my setup to the other side of the field - away from the parents. Get real people - its a bunch of little boys, learning to wear cleats for the first time - on a three-on-three-no-goalie-no-scoring game! Its not the World Cup!


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