Tuesday, September 27, 2005

A New Terror Alert System...?

I've been in used car buying purgatory, of late. Word to the wise...ALWAYS test drive dirty cars!! It's the only way to go! You get to see the good, the bad and the really sticky front seat drink holder ugly.

Finally, after several weeks, we made the deal. Time to sign the papers! We were directed to the finance office (even though we weren't financing). The "office" was a small closet with a big desk. And I could hear the dealings of other "finance specialists" as they offered their congradulations to the new owners of a six year note on a car that would loose value as soon as it was driven off the lot.

And then came the smell. Not New-Car smell. Nope, more like "I know that's shit, but what's on it?" smell. The husband asks the boy "Did you pooter?" The boy sits up straight in the chair and says "Yep, and its yellow."

The husband and I must have been on the same brain wave length! Its a new terror alert system! There's Green - no smell, just noise. Yellow - enough smell to get your attention and will probably get loved ones to ask "Did you fart?" Orange - "Oh Honey!" and RED - clear the room and my son giggles with glee and shouts proudly "I stinked you out!!!"


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