Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Word Verification...

...its a good thing. Much thanks to Logan and Neal for guiding me to the word verification feature on Blogspot.

I don't get it...spam. Okay, I get it in my inbox, but I don't understand it. Have you ever opened a piece of spam and said to yourself "Yes, I do need a penis/breast enlargement device, even though I don't have a penis and/or breasts." And if you're going to spam me, make it interesting for Pete's sake!! Try to sell me on a penis AND breast enlargement device. I might be able to see my way clear to part with some hard earned cash just to say I own the piece of crap.

And its never anything useful, is it? Spam me with maid services in my area, or a personal chef, or someone to do the laundry, a free night of baby sitting - or a nice message.

I have all these things to do each day - that kind of spam might be helpful. At least there's potential there to free up some time - time enough to be romantic with my husband after he purchases Viagra at wholesale prices!


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