Sunday, November 13, 2005

Going the Extra Mile...

...when you're married to a man that did not grow up in the 70's, or the United States.

Me: "I'm sorry, what did you say our son was doing?"

Husband: "The Honky Tonk."

Me: "Don't you mean The Hokey Pokey?"

Husband: "What's the difference between a Honky Tonk and The Hokey Pokey?"

Me: "A Honky Tonk is a bar. The Hokey Pokey is a dance. You could do the Hokey Pokey in a Honky Tonk."

And then my dad expanded my husband's knowledge with:

Dad: "And then there's a Firn Bar." Okay, I have to admit - before my time.

Me: "What's a Firn Bar?"

Dad: "It's a bar with Cole Porter playing in the background and there's lots of firns all around, for decoration."

Husband: "What's a Firn?"

Dad: "A Firn is a tree-shaped plant with long leaves that kind of look like Farah Fawcett's hair."

Me: "Honey, do you know who Farah Fawcett is?"

Husband: "No."

Dad: "Okay, how about Jessica Simpson?"

Husband: "The cartoon?"

Me: "No, that's Lisa Simpson."


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