Sunday, December 25, 2005

The Reason for My Season...

I make a short trip out of town each year, on Christmas day, to be with my dearest friend. It has nothing to do with presents, decorations, or a really good meal.

This is her favorite day - when she gathers 25+ people to eat and spend some time together. The experience is like going to Chuck-E-Cheese, only the food is so much better! (And you may need a mild sedative when you get home.) But that's not why I go.

I go for that moment when all the kids (and there's so many now) have opened their gifts and begin talking to each other. This moment comes and goes quickly - the casual observer might miss it. It is then - when my dearest friend and her sister - move their attention to each other and together carefully unwrap their gifts.

Their moment is what I look forward to. The warm easy smiles and sparkling eyes. The hugs full of love and appreciation for the thought that went into a particular gift. Just before this moment passes these women hold each other and take in the family around them. Most of the people in this room they made - directly or indirectly - and they smile.

And then its gone. Time to clean up the wrapping paper. Load the dishwasher. Cover countless casserole dishes with plastic wrap and foil. Until next year...

Look for those moments.


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