Tuesday, January 03, 2006

How to get a 5 year old to eat...

...just about anything:

1. Tie it to her favorite story. The oldest daughter was dooped into eating beets by her step-mother. Yep, the end-all-be-all Queen of Mac & Cheese also loved the story "Heidi". So her step-mom worked beets into the story, and then served them with dinner soon there after ("It's Heidi food!"). Of course, she was busted once our girl learned how to read and realized that there were no beets mentioned in "Heidi".

2. Name it after his favorite vacation spot. Tonight I wanted my son to try sweet potatoes. He wouldn't go near them during Thanksgiving and I didn't push it. But sweet potatoes are so wonderful. Even my dad likes them now. So, tonight I asked the boy if he'd like to try "California French Fries". And as expected - he love them!

I wonder if I could get him to clean his room if I told him that having the toys IN the toy box was "California Style".


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