Sunday, February 26, 2006

An Interesting Trend... least its interesting to me.

About six months ago I placed an RSS feed thingy on this blog. It wasn't long before I had one subscriber. I still don't want to know who it is because I might be devastated (sort of) to find out that the one subscriber is me - because I clicked the RSS feed thingy wanting to see how worked. I've written an entire post to that one subscriber. I'd feel pretty damned silly if I had written "Ode to My 1 (and only)..." to myself. So its best I don't find out one way or the other. Reality is highly overrated.

Anyway, back to the interesting trend. Ever since that first subscriber the blog will get a #2 subscriber from time to time - for about as long as it takes to post another moleskine moment. Soon thereafter #2 is gone and its just me and #1.

Now that this trend is officially documented here I must confess - its not that interesting. Just something to be filed away in the "Things that make me go - 'hmmm' - category.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Time's a Flyin'...

Holy Moly! My oldest daughter is now as old as I was when SHE was

Her other mom (we never did use the "step" or "half" hyphen "parent" or "sibling")called to wish ME happy birthday - because it's the 22nd anniversary of my giving birth DAY! And what a day that was! 7Lbs, 14.5oz and 20.5 inches long. A little mass of red hair and from day one she could stare a person down, size 'em up and go with her gut (and be right every time). At the ripe old age of 5 days she was held by a friend of her father's and proceeded to projectile vomit all over him. Yeah, she called it right!

I tried to have my husband call her first thing this morning. He didn't understand how important it is to be awakened to the tune of "Happy Birthday", being sung off key and at max dB. He wussed, and waited to make the call. So she was awake when he finally did.

Of course, she is 22 years old now and a bit wiser. She was awake early, with coffee in hand - waiting for our weesley attempts to jar her from her slumber.

So now its official. Although I am not a grandmother (and that's perfectly fine with me), I am now old enough to be a grandmother.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Ultimate Act of Futility...

My son has some kind of nasty infection that entales antibiotics. Doc suspects its strep, but it didn't culture right off the bat for him. But, every other kid that came in today did culture right off the bat. Plus, no matter what it may be, it is bacterial.

Now its just a matter of time before I come down with it. I can take vitamins, minerals, gargle salty concoctions...its all futile. I'll come down with it. And that's okay, because I'd rather kiss and hug on my sick boy than try to avoid the unavoidable and not even get a hug and a kiss out of the deal - when I do come down with this particular brand of creeping crud! (How's THAT for a run on & on sentence! Take that grammar police!)

God willing, my husband will not get it at all. I'd rather have it twice.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

All Kinds of Pissed Off...

...with a co-worker.

I don't usually blog about work but MAN! Public humiliation is just not okay!

Here's the thing. Our office has a coffee fund. Most people pay the dues regularly, some don't. Granted, as an employee of this office you would have agreed to the terms or you wouldn't drink coffee. But plastering the names of those not paid up on the office refrigerator? What's next - a loan shark/enforcer?

And that isn't even the really pissy part. The really pissy part has to do with who this campaign was launched against. I think most offices have that one guy...the one that nobody can really like - although we've tried. Honestly, I can't stand him either - but socially bully him...NEVER COOL! And the "enforcer" putting the pressure on through incessant email reminders all morning long...this guy is no jewel either.

AND - its not like this coffee is good and worth publically humiliating another person.

Now, if you'll excuse me - my water is boiling - I think I'll enjoy a cup of Earl Grey today. Thank you for allowing the momentary venting of frustration.

Have a lovely day.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Something Else I can't Do...

Have you ever looked at an abstract painting, had a bout of sticker shock when you see it sell for $25K (American) and say to yourself, "Damn! I could do that!!"

A blob of paint here, a smere of paint there - and then place that dog turd just so...

Yeah, well I can't do that anymore than I can dance. I can't draw to save my life. Not impressionist, realism, abstract or stick man - I got nothin'!

How do guys like Neal (hope your birthday was fabulous!) do it? What is missing on my double helix that inspires comments like - "uh, its a...uh..yeah, I don't know what it is."

The Illustration Friday site had "Free" for a subject a few weeks ago. "I could do that!" Out came the Moleskine. I started to doodle...dare I say sketch...a big bunch of baloons. Looking over my shoulder my son says "Ooh, nice football, Mom!"

Reading is fundamental...

The boy is at that stage where he knows the English alphabet backwards, forwards and out of sequence. But why should he learn how to read when Mom can do it for him?

I've tried to encourage him with "...and you'll be able to learn anything!" Okay, but Mom could still read it to me if I asked her and said Please. So I tried a bit of a bribe. "And when you learn how to read I'll buy you comic books." He didn't say it, but I suspect he was thinking, Why don't you just buy the comic books and then read them to me?.

Yesterday, I found the one thing that sparked his imagination to the usefulness of reading. "As soon as you learn how to read you'll be able to tell when Power Rangers SPD is on by reading the digital cable guide on the TV without waiting for me to stop washing the dinner dishes to tell you when it's on."