Thursday, February 09, 2006

All Kinds of Pissed Off...

...with a co-worker.

I don't usually blog about work but MAN! Public humiliation is just not okay!

Here's the thing. Our office has a coffee fund. Most people pay the dues regularly, some don't. Granted, as an employee of this office you would have agreed to the terms or you wouldn't drink coffee. But plastering the names of those not paid up on the office refrigerator? What's next - a loan shark/enforcer?

And that isn't even the really pissy part. The really pissy part has to do with who this campaign was launched against. I think most offices have that one guy...the one that nobody can really like - although we've tried. Honestly, I can't stand him either - but socially bully him...NEVER COOL! And the "enforcer" putting the pressure on through incessant email reminders all morning long...this guy is no jewel either.

AND - its not like this coffee is good and worth publically humiliating another person.

Now, if you'll excuse me - my water is boiling - I think I'll enjoy a cup of Earl Grey today. Thank you for allowing the momentary venting of frustration.

Have a lovely day.


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