Sunday, February 26, 2006

An Interesting Trend... least its interesting to me.

About six months ago I placed an RSS feed thingy on this blog. It wasn't long before I had one subscriber. I still don't want to know who it is because I might be devastated (sort of) to find out that the one subscriber is me - because I clicked the RSS feed thingy wanting to see how worked. I've written an entire post to that one subscriber. I'd feel pretty damned silly if I had written "Ode to My 1 (and only)..." to myself. So its best I don't find out one way or the other. Reality is highly overrated.

Anyway, back to the interesting trend. Ever since that first subscriber the blog will get a #2 subscriber from time to time - for about as long as it takes to post another moleskine moment. Soon thereafter #2 is gone and its just me and #1.

Now that this trend is officially documented here I must confess - its not that interesting. Just something to be filed away in the "Things that make me go - 'hmmm' - category.


Blogger Neal said...

Nah, it's not just you Vicky! ;-)

9:40 PM  

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