Thursday, February 02, 2006

Reading is fundamental...

The boy is at that stage where he knows the English alphabet backwards, forwards and out of sequence. But why should he learn how to read when Mom can do it for him?

I've tried to encourage him with "...and you'll be able to learn anything!" Okay, but Mom could still read it to me if I asked her and said Please. So I tried a bit of a bribe. "And when you learn how to read I'll buy you comic books." He didn't say it, but I suspect he was thinking, Why don't you just buy the comic books and then read them to me?.

Yesterday, I found the one thing that sparked his imagination to the usefulness of reading. "As soon as you learn how to read you'll be able to tell when Power Rangers SPD is on by reading the digital cable guide on the TV without waiting for me to stop washing the dinner dishes to tell you when it's on."


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