Friday, March 03, 2006

Plastic Bags are Evil...

I don't know if plastic grocery bags are common everywhere else, but here - they are EVERYWHERE! And they all want to get tangled up underneath my car. I dodged three or four of them today. They dance gracefully, slow-motion like, across the highway as we bolt from concentrated job centers. Once they spot MY vehicle they go on their suicide mission, straight for the bottom of my car!

Over the last year I have had to pull off of the highway, multiple times, to dislodge the molten hot mass of plastic from my front axle and engine block. I see them floating; being gently tossed around in the air - up, down-up, and then BAM! they make the mad dash. They get sucked in at the front and never make it out the back. Shit! Put my right turn signal on. Luckily, everyone around me has seen the "Thank You for Shopping with Us" plastic suicide attack - and they make room for me to change lanes to get off the highway.

Today I was lucky. The guy in the new Lexus SUV...not so much. From the look on his driving companion's face - it wasn't his first plastic grocery sack suicide mission rodeo. Give him room folks, give him room...


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