Friday, March 10, 2006

WARNING...Rant Ahead...

Dear Dial Soap People,

Please stop running that ad with the lady that holds the door open with her foot, so her kids don't get germs on them. The encouragement of this kind of behavior is disgusting!

I mean really, where have her shoes been all day? Do you know? Take a look at the bottom of your shoes! How socially irresponsible are you people, anyway? Gum, dead bugs and random dog turds (horse and cow turds if you're a cowboy/cowgirl - goat turds if you're my boss) - that's what you'll find at the bottom of your shoes. And yet you encourage your customers to behave so morally reprehensible as to spread E.Coli, BugColi* and GumColi* to the rest of us just so you can sell us your overpriced - watered down soap (although the foamy thingy is cool)!

And about the whole idea of protecting our kids from all of those germs. Kids are suppose to have regular germs all over them. That's what makes them snot-nosed little brats!

The mother of a currently snot-nosed guy; probably due to the germs from the dog turds he picked up off of the bathroom door handle at Walmart.

*Though some words could be considered non-words, no real harm was done to the English language during the making of this rant.


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