Friday, March 10, 2006


(The title to today's entry is one of those "inside things"; so inside, in fact, that were I to go through the complete history of why this is meaningful for my father, my uncle, and the guy that said this (though I seriously doubt he'd get it) your final reaction to that extreme effort would be: "Uh, yeah - I guess you had to be there." And, it really has nothing to do with this entry...sort of.)

Next week I get to spread my business traveling wings and drive to Wichita, Kansas. This will be the first time I stay at a Hyatt. I've enjoyed the many flavors of Marriott, Hilton, and Sheraton Hotel properties (some in Wichita). Now it's Mr. Hyatt's turn. I wonder if there is a Mr. Hyatt. I've met Mr. Marriott, Jr. Nice guy. Despite Paris' antics, the Hilton folks have been consistently good - from my perspective.

I'm looking forward to exploring Old Towne. I hear its similar to Bricktown in OKC. There's more places I'd like to see but I have one night in Wichita...Wow - and then its back to OKC.

Gary, I dedicate this business trip to you.


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