Saturday, April 29, 2006

It's T-Ball People...


I keep score for my son's t-ball team. Its a great time watching the kids, chatting it up with the other team's scorekeeper, and yelling out all the stress I've built up during the week.

Tonight I got a taste of what I'm in for, if the boy wants to continue playing ball. Coaches taking this game WAY too seriously, intentional delays in the batting line-up, calling time outs in the weirdest places! What the hell? Mind games? You're teaching these six year old kids mind games?

To all you Little League and any other kid league coaches...ITS NOT ABOUT YOU!!!!!! Guess what those kids are thinking about! Here it is Coach - I don't care about the wins - I play for the drink tickets. Seriously Coach, take a look at what those boys are really doing. My kid just High-Fived your kid because they both tried to get to 1st (one with a ball in his glove, one trying to run through & on to 1st). Its a good play, but the runner is called "out" by the ump. Is this somehow a problem for the kids? Hell NO! Again Coach, here's what they're thinking - Dude, that was sooo cool how you caught that ball - I was almost safe, but you tagged me - that was awesome!!! High-Five Dude!!!

It took me 44 years to figure out why the world is so screwed up. Tonight all was made plain. And here's how to fix it all:



Blogger cantnever said...

Hello Vickie, I don't know you, but I must say your words struck a cord with me. My son is too old to play baseball, but he loves the game. What you say is sooo right. Why don't these men see what they are doing? They can be so intimidating -- but maybe if you said something, it might help. Your being there is so great! You have the opportunity to talk with your son about good sportsmanship, even if it isn't being demonstrated by the coach.

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